Vision & Mission

To serve humanity through Education, the management of A.V.P. Trust started A.V.P. College of Arts and Science in the year 2015 bearing the motto, “Research, Innovation and Prosperity”.


To develop student centric environment at an affordable cost and to empower the economically weaker section of women in all spheres by ensuring their progressive performance through innovative practices in the entire operation of the institution.


The core mission of the Institution is to increase scope and diversification of knowledge in research and innovation, especially empowering less privileged and economically marginalized women and by providing value based education so that they become psychologically and economically self-sufficient.


  • To provide equal opportunities for higher education at an affordable cost to all irrespective of gender, caste, class, or creed.
  • To nurture to the needs for research and resources for production and dissemination of innovative knowledge.
  • To encourage scientific inquisitiveness for positive social transformation.
  • To facilitate industry – institute partnership and interaction for the benefit of students’ employability.
  • To promote measures to internalize quality and institutionalize best practices.
  • To impart holistic education that will mould them into good and socially responsible citizens along with prosperity.


We are committed to prioritize consistent quality education at an affordable cost on par with global standards to match with industrial and societal expectations.

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