Value Added Course

VACs / SDPs / JOCs

The department is conducting the following Certificate/Value Added/Job Oriented courses for the under graduate students of our college. These courses are used to bridge the gap between different phases of academic study or to provide additional professional training and qualifications.

S.NoName of the Course Tie-up Institute
1.Diploma in Computer ApplicationsCCI, Tirupur
2.Diploma in Graphics and Animation CCI, Tirupur
3.Online Certification in C++ TCS, Chennai
4.ASP .NET Programming KICE Info, Tirupur
5.Advanced PHP Programming KICE Info, Tirupur
6.Python Programming (Online)L3 Software, Dindugal

Diploma in Computer Applications (DCA)

This course deals with basics of computer, operating systems and office tool (Ms Office). In Ms Office the students will learn about the following packages i.e., Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Ms Word tools are essential to create your own documents. Ms Excel is used to perform mathematical operations, perform formula calculations and prepare charts. Ms. PowerPoint is used to prepare a presentation. This course is open to all undergraduate students.

Diploma in Graphics and Animation (DGA)

The DGA course comprises of two software’s i.e., a) Photoshop and b) Flash. In completion of this course the students will be able to perform the Album creation, Background creation, card design, flex design, produce effects and animation using the Photoshop tool. Through flash software the students will learn text animation, tools, frame creation, photo drawing, advertisement animation, shape animation, insert & key frame animation. This course is open to all undergraduate students.

Online Certification in C++

The course is offered by renowned TCS through online mode. The programming language C++ is taught. This course is especially for the students who are with computer science knowledge. This course is conducted during the second or third semester of study for the students of computer science and information technology.

ASP .NET Programming

The course is based on proven concepts and framework of ASP .NET. The basics of .NET framework and ASP .NET are dealt. The web forms creation, navigation controls, accessing data, data sets are taught. This course is exclusive for final year students those who are studying computer science and information technology.

Advanced PHP Programming

The advanced PHP course is intended to develop the UG students to give them a clear idea on PGP programming so that the students will be able to develop their own website and web application and can do their final year project with their own knowledge. This course is open to final year CS and IT graduates.

Python Programming (Online)

The Python Programming course is designed as a skill development progamme to the students of computer science and Information technology. The students those who pursue this certificate course will get basic knowledge in python programming which will enhance their skill and will be helpful for acquiring placements. This course is open to final year CS and IT graduates.

Communicative English and Grammar Skills

To enhance the knowledge of the students, Department of English, AVP College of Arts and Science, conducted a value-added course on “Communicative English and Grammar Skills”in coalition with Alpha Academy, Coimbatore from 30.1.19 to 27 3.19. The course duration was 30 hours. 39 students had registered for the course.

The objective of the course was to enable the students to acquire proficiency both in spoken and written language. The course contained two modules namely, Grammar skills- helped students to use correct grammar and proper pronunciation, and Principles of Communication- focused on listening, speaking, reading and writing.

At the end of the course, the students developed comprehension skills, improved vocabulary, user proper grammar acquired writing skills and enhanced skills in Spoken English. Eventually, they also achieved excellence in both personal and professional life

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