Publications in Proceedings


S. No. Name of the Teacher Hyperlinks for all the Records ISBN number of the Proceeding Name of the Publisher
1 Ms.T.Yamunavathi Detection of Artificial Bone in X-Ray Radiography Images 978-81-935734-7-1 P.K.R. Arts College for Women
2 Ms.T.Yamunavathi Comparative Analysis of Noise Reduction Techniques in X-Ray Radiographic Images 978-81-939766-5-4 Inam Pathippagam
3 Ms.T.Yamunavathi Glaucoma Detection in Retinal images using Image Processing Techniques – A Survey 978-81-943402-6-3 Inam Pathippagam
4 Ms. R. Marisakthi
Mrs. M. Prema
Finance and Economics – Banking, Micro Financing and Financial Inclusion 978-81-956143-5-6 Guru Shree Shantivijai Jain College for Women, Chennai
5 Ms. B. Aswini Perfect Hop Domination Number of Lollipop Graph, Barbell Graph and Book Graph 978-93-92537-57-8 Nandha Arts and Science College, Erode
6 Dr.M.Akila
Ms.M. Jayasurya
The Impact of Digitalization in Financial Sector 978-93-92032-26-4 Laser Park Publishing House
7 Ms.S.Hemalatha A Study on Usage of Digital Marketing in Business 978-93-92032-26-4 Laser Park Publishing House
8 Ms. R. Sripriya Aniladum Mundrilil Kudumba Uravugal 978-81-95086-03-0 Masivan Pathippagam
9 Dr. L.Mahalakshmi The Panorama of Changing Discourses of Women in Select Plays 978-81-951454-5-4 Gobi Arts and Science College Publication
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