Equal Opportunity Cell

  • The Equal Opportunity Cell of the College ensures that all students are treated as equal and attempts to address deep-seated inequalities in our system it also guides weaker section students to avail of all permissible scholarships and financial assistance and other facilities and privileges.
  • To promote diversity and inclusive practices on the campus & provide the disadvantaged groups with adequate opportunities.
  • To ensure a barrier free access to all buildings of Colleges, Departments, Libraries, Hostels and offices.
  • To enhance the diversity within the campus.


  • To ensure equity and equal opportunity to the community at large in the college and bring about social inclusion.
  • To create a socially congenial atmosphere for academic interaction and for the growth of healthy interpersonal relationships among the students coming from various social backgrounds.
  • To help individuals or a group of students belonging to the disadvantaged section of the society to contain the problems related to discrimination.
  • To look into the grievances of the weaker section of society and suggest amicable solution to their problems.
  • To organize periodic meetings to monitor the progress of different schemes.
  • To sensitize the college on the problems of SC/ST and other disadvantaged groups.

Staff Incharge

Assistant Professor,
Head / Department of Commerce

Assistant Professor,
Department of Computer Science

Contact Info

+91 72006 77755


Mon – Sat 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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