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Department of Mathematics is one of the most promising departments at AVPCAS, which was established in the year 2015. The most significant reason for studying math at AVPCAS is that it helps in building problem-solving skills. Moreover, all we require to understand how to think analytically approach a problem. With the habits of studying and thinking about mathematics, one can train the brain to explore solutions more logically. The association named “CYPHER” was initiated under the department and motivates the students to acquire the power of reasoning, creativity, spatial ability and even effective communication skills.


To enrich the Mathematical and Analytical skill of the learners for the global need.


  • To upgrade the students knowledge to meet the Academic Excellence.
  • To equip the students with the necessary mathematical tools to meet the competitive global environment.
  • To inculcate Mathematical advancements among the rural learners leading to socially relevant research.
  • To emphasize the joy of discovering.

Programme Educational Objectives

  • PEO1: Acquire knowledge in functional areas of Mathematics and apply in all the fields of learning
  • PEO2: Recognise the need for lifelong learning and demonstrate the ability to explore some mathematical content independently.
  • PEO3: Employ mathematical ideas encompassing logical reasoning, analytical, numerical ability, theoretical skills to model real-world problems and solve them.
  • PEO4: Develop critical thinking, creative thinking, self confidence for eventual success in career.
  • PEO5: Analyze, interpret solutions and to enhance their Entrepreneurial skills, Managerial skill and leadership.
  • PEO6: To prepare the students to communicate mathematical ideas effectively and develop their ability to collaborate both intellectually and creatively in diverse contexts.
  • PEO7: Rewarding careers in Education, Industry, Banks, MNCs and pursue higher studies.

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