Capacity Building and Skill Enhancement

Capacity Building and Skill Enhancement


Soft skills are non-technical, interpersonal skills that enable effective communication, collaboration, and interaction with others. They include communication, team work, adaptability, problem solving and emotional intelligence, which are crucial in both personal and professional settings. Developing strong soft skills is essential for success in the modern work place and for building meaningful relationships.


Dr.P.Manju ,    Director – Placement, RVS College of Arts of Science

Guest Lecture on Job Interview on 10/11/2022


Srimath Swami Vimurthananthaji Maharajah., Ramakrishna Math, Thanjavur

Seminar on Empowering Ideas for Today’s Women


Dr. C. Suriyaprakash, Professor in OB & HR, Jansons School of Business, Coimbatore

Invited Talk on Personal Leadership


Dr. S. Sankarakumar, Assistant Professor of English,

Department of Applied Science, PSG College of Technology

Guest Lecture on Interpersonal Skills on 21.03.2023


Mrs.Rekha Mahesh Kumar, Marinair Cargo India Pvt. Ltd.

Seminar on “An Insight into Startup Culture and Emerging Careers” on 28.03.2023


Communication skills are essential in today’s work environment to effectively accept information. The expertise trainers give training to our students to strengthen their communication skills. The training session focus on the key aspects necessary to face interview and to overcome the obstacles faced during the interview process.


Mr.Ansari, Communication Trainer, Cambridge University, Language Examiner, Boxhill Institute, Australia.

Workshop on Communication skills and Job Strategies on 30.11.2022



Poetess D.Deivanai, Vice President, Tamil Nadu Progressive Writers Association of Udumalpet

Workshop on Language Skill Development  – “Tamilthaen” on 10.03.2023


Dr.M.Kavitha,Associate Professor of English, Parks College(Autonomous),Tirupur.

Workshop on Effective Communication leads to Employability on 19.04.2023

Dr.Abirami Vetrivel,Content Lead, Kumaraguru Institutions,Coimbatore

Guest Lecture on Mindful Communication for Winning Interviews on 21.04.2023


Development of life skills teaches the students how to behave well and interact with others. Learning the life skills can help the students to live a quality life.  Yoga, self-defense classes, health and hygiene themes, the importance of   blood donation and also various awareness on the life skills programs are given to the students.


Ms.N.Nalini, Assistant Professor , AVP College of Arts and Science.

Empirical Session on Yoga on 14.11.2022


Mr.Anscar Nirmal , Founder & President, Chencholai Foundation

Seminar on Blood Donation Awareness on 15.02.2023



Ms.M.Gomathi, Yoga Trainer, Manavalakalai Manram

Basic Yoga and Meditation on 23.02.2023


Ms. Anjuman Banu, Rexona Confidence Academic Trainer

Awareness program on Women’s Grooming & Hygiene Habits on 27.02.2023

Mr. Karthikeya Sivasenapathy, Chairman, Non Resident Tamil Welfare Board, Secretary, Environment wing

Awareness Seminar in Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s 33 % Increase in Green Area and Climate Change on 15.03.2023


ICT skills are one of the technological advances that benefit students by promoting engagement and boosting interest among them. One of the technical breakthroughs that help students by enhancing interaction and raising interest among students is ICT skills. ICT-improved classrooms encourage student participation and knowledge retention in the classroom. ICT/Computing skills are offered to educate and enlarge students’ technological expertise. It improves the student’s knowledge of current technological trends and advancements

Mr. T. R. Anand, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Technology, 

 Dr. N G P Arts and Science College,   Coimbatore

Seminar on Artificial Intelligence on 26/08/2022

Dr. P. Johnson Durai Raj, Director, Postulate Info Tech Private Limited.


Seminar on Machine Learning on 20/09/2022


Mr. S. Jayakumar, Managing Director, Kice Info Systems, Tirupur

Workshop on Data Visualization on 15/10/2022


Mr. A. Riyaz Ahamed, Avinash Academy

Guest Lecture on Advanced Excel on 1.11.2022

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