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The Alumnae Association of A.V.P. College of Arts and Science aims at building a network of outgone students to empower and strengthen relationships and create a sense of belonging and gratitude to the Alma Mater. Alumni Association is functioning in the College from the year 2018-19 to strengthen the stake holder relationship, participating management in making process and fosters college development. The annual plan of the Alumnae Association is prepared every year by the core-group under the guidance of the Principal along with the Alumni Coordinator and staff representatives of all the departments. The activities planned are executed by the members during the course of the year and a General Alumnae meet is arranged every year. The alumnae of A.V.P. College of Arts and Science have been nurtured and shaped to face promising tomorrows by magnanimous management.

The system of education in A.V.P. CAS is based on holistic Education which gives a complete character formation to the students. The rich experiences of their college days make them to focus more clearly in all their actions and deeds in their lives. The association makes a healthy platform in the get-together functions with our illustrious alumni who are high achievers, well-settled in various parts of the globe and also to influence employment opportunities to the aspiring and needy students of the present day and alumni any where possible by interaction and inspiration for every individual enhancement.

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